Megat Azim Jamil Bin Abdul Jalil has always believed that smart work and persistence can work wonders, and he is working smart to prove this premise with his own life.

Megat Azim is young yet ambitious. He is impatient and in a hurry wants to be a success in life. He wants to share his journey with all of you. He wants all that is the best for himself and later his family. And then what's best for the world community.


about megat azim jamil .com

This site has been around for a while now, and is the starting point of my web presence, a place to for me to show my resume and show of my 'mad computer skillz', in an effort to get a job after I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems.

After discovering PHP however, the CV / resume aspect of the site soon took a backseat, making megat azim jamil .com my cybergrounds to mess around with the web codes.

Since then megat azim jamil .com has become perhaps the most casual hobby I have ever had (and I've had some pretty nasty ones).

These days, the world wide web consumes a good deal of my spare time, and it's as exciting as it ever was!


about Megat Azim Jamil Bin Abdul Jalil

Aquarius. A big kid. In more ways than one. I came into this world on February 11th 1982, played diving in the sandbox, spent some time in school, skipped school, spent some time going to school, did several odd jobs, studied in Perak, and managed to got kicked out of Universiti Teknologi Petronas in Bandar Seri Iskandar. Never did I enjoyed studying what am forced to learn. Made and learned my mistakes.. have I?

Interesting things of note might be that I love computers and have done so for many years. Enjoys high performance vehicles and have plans on building my own Toyota drift machine.

I am not the best programmer but I have been working on the web for seven years, and on the web I have gained sufficient education to work with HTML, CSS and a little bit of PHP and MySQL. I build PHP applications with Dreamweaver. I have been running this website for well over five years, and I feel strongly about it.

I love my sister Juwita and brother Aizat.


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